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Birthdays in NUKU

2-4 h|Young children, Pre-schooler, School children, Young person, Grown-up|Museum

The birthday party can be put together from different activities the museum provides for groups (games, excursions, museum performances, workshops). 

The birthday room is a cosy room for up to 25 people where catering service can be ordered from the Cafe Hendrik or you can bring your own dishes to the table.

The activities are led by a museum worker. You can pick one or two activities from the list of activities. One activity takes about an hour.

Cost and paying

The room rent costs 30 €. This needs to be paid during the next 3 days of making the booking. This payment is not refundable when you cancel the party.

The rest  can be paid at the door, as the costs correlate with the number of party-comers.


More info and booking

muuseum [at] or by phone +372 6679 542